How Medical Alarms Work

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To Know How a Medical Alarm Works, we need to discuss some basics about all types of alarms.

Regular Home Alarm Systems vs. Medical Alarms Info

Home owners now have a daunting quantity of options to take advantage of to be able to continue to keep themselves, families, and belongings protected. These systems are usually regulated by a competent staff that better understands theft, theft deterrent, fire alarms, and how to handle insurance companies.  Their alert systems are usually only activated if a door or window has been opened.  Some can even detect the sound of glass breaking and will trigger the system.  Most of these systems are set and forget systems that are there to notify the authorities of a break-in.  These systems are good for burglar deterrents, but not much else.  In some cities, Police Departments have stopped responding to these alarms without real verification someone is breaking in because of all the false alarms.  That is because many of these are not monitored by a human.  Some devices have loud alarms on them to scare people away, but most people turn them off in fear of interrupting their neighbors lives.  So, although these alarms continue to be effective in some ways.  They have another purpose in how, what, and why they monitor what they service for their clientele type.

Cellular Security Alarms vs. Medical Alarms Info

These types of security alarms are very similar to the above.  How they are deployed and used are slightly different.  Many of these types of systems use infrared monitoring and motion sensors.  Many more of these types of services are monitored by both computer and humans.  Some may even have a voice that can come on inside the home.  However, there was always a concern that privacy may be violated since the system can be activated from an outside source.  So, they are not as widely used as they were years ago.

Now a days, virtually all residence security alarm Methods are generally wifi.  Problem with this is, wifi connections are not always readily available in all parts of the country.  So, they have a limited capacity in this area.  In the areas they do work, they have been effective.
Now when going through other types of alarm service types.  It has been very clear that they have a very specific use.  Some of these companies have even attempted to have the ability to help with medical emergencies.  And, their ability to notify someone of a problem does exist.  However, some credibility has been lost because of all the false alarms that happen on a day to day basis.  Plus, do they train all their employees or just some of them to handle medical emergencies?

Emergency Medical Alarms Systems

medical alarms Alert Medical Response provides Medical Alarms Systems.  Here is how medical alarms work.  There is a base unit console installed in the home.  The unit has a large red button that allows someone to press very easily to connected by a two-way voice speaker to a professionally trained medical alert specialist.  These connections typically happen in a few moments at the most.  The staff is able to quickly diagnose the emergency and get the required help dispatched within minutes.  We have medical alert button extenders available to place in other parts of the home as well.  These buttons work the same way.  Once pressed, they activate a connection to a specialist that is able to pull up the monitored persons profile, diagnose the situation, and send the appropriate help swiftly.  You can even opt to have a device worn which allows the person to be mobile and have a medical alert button to activate with them at all times.

These systems are easy to install, and sometimes do not even require a specialist.  There is no serious drilling and awkward hook up that are required to make the system work.  Have a phone line? Then you can have a medical alert system installed.  If you didn’t notice, we mentioned a couple of times that it is activated by a push of a button.  We do not activate the system from the outside to listen in to a conversation or in anyway invade your privacy.

Because emergency personnel know our reputation, we do not get put on hold, set to the side, and they know when we are activating a system, there is a real emergency and not a false alarm.  Although, most of our clients use the system to monitor for medical emergencies.  We do not just stop there.  We have had customers press the button because of an intruder entering the home.  Better believe it when we call the authorities, they listen.  Reputation can take you along way when they know you have the right system in place, have a live person and not a computer at the other end diagnosing the situation, and have been thoroughly trained and retrained to handle situations from medical emergencies to burglars.

So, it breaks down like this:


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